The green is raised and uphill, so an extra club is necessary for the approach.


Tee Distance
BLACK 555 yards
BLUE 532 yards
WHITE 498 yards
GREEN 459 yards
RED 416 yards

The tee shot must be straight. Consider a four wood or long iron for accuracy.


Tee Distance
BLACK 320 yards
BLUE 293 yards
WHITE 285 yards
GREEN 273 yards
RED 247 yards



Tee Distance
BLACK 448 yards
BLUE 421 yards
WHITE 396 yards
GREEN 370 yards
RED 328 yards

It’s best to hit your approach shot deep into the green to avoid the water and the pronounced front guard bunkers.


Tee Distance
BLACK 241 yards
BLUE 212 yards
WHITE 199 yards
GREEN 179 yards
RED 132 yards

Hit your drive between fairway bunkers.


Tee Distance
BLACK 427 yards
BLUE 401 yards
WHITE 378 yards
GREEN 352 yards
RED 313 yards

A good drive left of the right-side fairway bunker is perfect.


Tee Distance
BLACK 543 yards
BLUE 509 yards
WHITE 482 yards
GREEN 443 yards
RED 406 yards

Keep the driver in the bag. Play a shot that will leave you a 70 to 110 yard approach.


Tee Distance
BLACK 304 yards
BLUE 273 yards
WHITE 256 yards
GREEN 233 yards
RED 190 yards

There’s a chance to get a stroke back here. A smooth, controlled swing will return results.


Tee Distance
BLACK 158 yards
BLUE 131 yards
WHITE 108 yards
GREEN 459 yards
RED 416 yards

Hit away. The fairway is spacious and only gently contoured. The water carry is no problem.


Tee Distance
BLACK 403 yards
BLUE 378 yards
WHITE 348 yards
GREEN 295 yards
RED 204 yards


A spectacular setting for your best drive of the day. No secrets here, except that this fairway will accept a gentle slice over a dancing hook.


Tee Distance
BLACK 529 yards
BLUE 498 yards
WHITE 471 yards
GREEN 447 yards
RED 380 yards

A picturesque par three with the widest green you may ever encounter. Hit for the pin.


Tee Distance
BLACK 190 yards
BLUE 165 yards
WHITE 157 yards
GREEN 142 yards
RED 101 yards

The tee shot is left-center. Beware of deep hollows in the high hills on the right.


Tee Distance
BLACK 418 yards
BLUE 393 yards
WHITE 378 yards
GREEN 346 yards
RED 315 yards

Don’t chase after tucked pins on thirteen. The green rolls off on the three sides. Play from green-center.


Tee Distance
BLACK 151 yards
BLUE 134 yards
WHITE 122 yards
GREEN 102 yards
RED 75 yards

You will need to stripe a drive here to avoid the water, high hills and sand.


Tee Distance
BLACK 575 yards
BLUE 541 yards
WHITE 514 yards
GREEN 494 yards
RED 400 yards

The tree lined fairways are helpful in lining up the tee shot.


Tee Distance
BLACK 422 yards
BLUE 396 yards
WHITE 374 yards
GREEN 343 yards
RED 311 yards

Driving for show, putting for dough” is all wrong; accurate drives set up each hole.


Tee Distance
BLACK 459 yards
BLUE 430 yards
WHITE 397 yards
GREEN 380 yards
RED 338 yards

A long par three requires a committed swing. Do not try to steer the shot (swing away).


Tee Distance
BLACK 222 yards
BLUE 198 yards
WHITE 180 yards
GREEN 160 yards
RED 150 yards

A good drive is needed, on this long par five, that avoids the right side bunkers.


Tee Distance
BLACK 560 yards
BLUE 523 yards
WHITE 490 yards
GREEN 463 yards
RED 422 yards

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